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See Dr. Andre Gaultier Family Dentistry for painless wisdom teeth removal in Grande Prairie. If you’re experiencing issues with newly erupting wisdom teeth, have received a referral to a specialist, or would like to have a dentist make sure your wisdom teeth are coming in correctly, schedule a visit with Dr. Andre Gaultier and staff. Prompt removal of problematic teeth could save you a lot of pain, aggravation, and money over time. We can offer our professional recommendation and our services if your wisdom teeth require extraction.

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Will Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed Be Painful?

The amount of pain you experience during the removal will be determined by which dentist you choose for treatment; unfortunately, not all dentists upgrade to new technology and techniques as quickly as others. for a pain-free experience in the dentist chair, consider Dr. Andre Gaultier Family Dentistry for treatment. We utilize advanced local anesthesia, new equipment, and sedation to ensure a relaxed, comfortable visit during your stay. Feel free to set up a consultation visit and assessment of your wisdom teeth to eliminate the risk of ongoing issues.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

There are many different reasons why dentists remove wisdom teeth, even healthy wisdom teeth that have come in straight. The first goal is always to save the surrounding teeth, which are considered more important for a lifetime of chewing and aesthetic function. Crowded teeth are more difficult to clean and floss, especially teeth that are far back in the mouth and are not easily accessed. However, most wisdom teeth are removed because they are negatively impacting adjacent teeth to some degree, and by removing teeth posing issues, remaining teeth are healthier.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth that cause pain can require immediate attention from your dentist. If you’re not able to get an appointment with your family’s dentist or need same-day care, please consider calling us immediately. We’ll rearrange our schedule to make time for your walk-in visit and provide urgent care to make you feel more comfortable. Wisdom teeth removal is a safe procedure- and we’ll attend to your comfort for a more positive experience. Look no further for a qualified dentist- we are a top-rated dental care service provider to your community.

Additional Benefits

Choosing us for your wisdom teeth removal is a smart choice; we’re not just extraction specialists, but we are also a full-service dental clinic that can provide you with preventive dentistry when you need a checkup & cleaning, restorative treatment when required, cosmetic dentistry for a more beautiful smile, and specialized care as required. We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a new dentist- we feel we’re the best choice for your care, your comfort, and your lifetime oral health. See our reviews online to read what your neighbors are saying about the care they receive at Dr. Andre Gaultier Family Dentistry.

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