What qualifies as a dental emergency, and how to decide if you need emergency dental treatment.

A dental emergency can be painful, stressful and overwhelming. A lot of the time, it can be challenging to decide what constitutes a dental emergency. There’s a lot of misinformation online about what qualifies as a dental emergency. Thankfully, this article will clarify and help you decide if you need to attend an emergency dentist today. 

Dr. Andre Gaultier at our local Grande Prairie dental clinic will share everything you need to know about dental emergencies. If you want to see if you need to attend an emergency appointment, read on. 

What is emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care refers to any dental care focused on problems that need to be corrected straight away, like having a tooth knocked out. Emergency dental appointments are often same-day appointments, as you need to act fast to prevent long-term dental health risks. 

A dental emergency can be a scary experience. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience discomfort, stress and shock when a bad situation occurs. It’s essential to act fast and reach out to an experienced emergency dentist to receive the care you need. 

Emergency dentists will aim to provide fast relief from dental pain and work quickly and effectively to reduce the risks of long term dental health issues. You need to act fast and call Dr. Andre Gaultier in Grande Prairie as soon as possible to receive the treatment you need. You should also follow our expert tips when a dental emergency happens before arriving at your appointment. 

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

Any severe dental pain may be a dental emergency. If you’re ever in doubt, you need to call your local dental clinic and receive tailored advice. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Grande Prairie Alberta, you can contact our clinic on (780) 532-5380.

Here are some common dental emergencies: 

– Severe toothaches 

– Chipped or broken teeth 

– Tooth abscess 

– Loose or knocked-out teeth 

– Impacted wisdom teeth 

– Broken orthodontics, including dentures, veneers or bridges 

– Loose implant crowns 

– Root canal pain 

Any of the following symptoms require an emergency dental appointment: – Facial swelling 

– Uncontrollable bleeding 

– Severe pain – Signs of infection

Urgent dental emergencies Grande Prairie Alberta

There are different dental emergencies, including urgent and non-urgent cases. Non-urgent dental emergencies require either same-day or next-day appointments and can be attended to during office hours. 

On the other hand, urgent dental emergencies need to be seen immediately. You have to act fast so that you don’t cause permanent damage and risk losing your tooth! Urgent dental emergencies include uncontrollable bleeding, a lost tooth, large chips and cracks in your tooth, severe toothache and dental abscesses. 

Saving yourself from expensive dental treatments in the future requires you to act fast. Book your appointment with our dentist in Grande Prairie immediately so that we can help. Here’s what to expect at your emergency dental appointment. 

What about non-urgent dental emergencies? 

These include a lost filling, dull toothache, small chip or lodged food in teeth. You still need to book an emergency dental appointment if you want to save yourself from a tooth extraction or expensive restoration.

Remember, the faster you seek emergency dental care, the sooner you can alleviate your discomfort and protect yourself from permanent damage.

My tooth is missing! What should I do?

Oh no! Losing an adult tooth can be extremely traumatic and painful. This is classed as an urgent dental emergency, and you need to contact our clinic straight away. This is because you have likely suffered trauma to your mouth, and preventative care will be needed right away to prevent long-term pain and extensive restorations. 

When you knock out a tooth, call our office right away. You need to receive emergency dental care within 30 minutes of losing your tooth. If you can locate your tooth, pick it up by the crown and try not to touch the root. If you don’t damage the roots of your tooth, our dentist may be able to put it back in the socket. 

It’s imperative that you keep your tooth moist as you make your way to our office. Wrap your missing tooth in some clean tissue or gauze and submerge it in milk. If your tooth dries out, it will crack. 

If you can’t locate your missing tooth, still make your way to our dental office. We will be able to reduce your pain and repair damaged gums. We will also check your surrounding teeth for any cracks and chips.

I have an abscess; how do I treat a tooth abscess?

Tooth abscesses are often caused by infections and present as a pocket of pus on the gum. Tooth abscesses can be painful, and it’s imperative that you seek emergency treatment at our clinic. 

Don’t try and pop the abscess yourself. It needs to be drained by our emergency dentist. Unfortunately, your tooth abscess won’t go away on its own, and you need professional, urgent treatment to stop the infection. 

If you leave a tooth abscess, the infection will likely build and get worse. This may result in you needing a root canal, tooth extraction or other painful procedures. It’s a good idea to seek out emergency treatment the second you discover a tooth abscess to ensure your mouth remains healthy.

What to do when you chip your tooth

A chipped tooth can be a shock, and we understand that it may be pretty painful as well. If it is a large chip or break, you need to come and see us right away. Book an emergency appointment and rinse your mouth out thoroughly. Apply a cold compress to help with the pain.

If you experience uncontrollable bleeding with a chipped tooth, please let us know when you call us.

Emergency Dentist in Grande Prairie

Our dental clinic in Grande Prairie offers professional emergency dental services. Our emergency dentist has a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of dental emergencies. We act fast to save you significant pain in the future. 

Our emergency dental appointments will provide you with the urgent treatment you need in a comfortable, professional environment. We are experienced in dealing with dental emergencies, and we will help you feel relaxed throughout your entire treatment. 

Treating your pain is our priority, and our friendly dentist and his team will reduce your pain right away and provide you with a comprehensive emergency treatment tailored to your needs. We only complete dental work that is absolutely necessary and will endeavor to save your tooth whenever we can.

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