We believe that when people have a good understanding of what is going on in relation to their oral health, they are more empowered to affect a positive outcome.

However, despite a dentist having hi-tech equipment that prevents tooth decay from spreading, many people choose to avoid dentists out of fear. There are myths regarding cavities that confuse people and prevent them from obtaining excellent dental treatment.

Dental X-rays are not needed to detect tooth or gum problems

For most people, an examination every six months is enough, but the frequency of your visits and X-rays will depend on your dental needs, and your dentist will guide you according to your hygiene levels. Dr. Gaultier offers multiple possible treatments and takes the time to discuss each one with the patient until a decision is made on what works best for their needs. We employ digital cameras and digital X-rays to illustrate functional issues, as well as diagrams and brochures to illuminate patients on a variety of treatment options. Most importantly, we listen closely to our patients and try to give them the experience that suits their needs.

Only sugar causes cavities

Many patients are surprised to find out their are cavities in their mouth! Especially those who typically stay away from sugar.
Sugar is undoubtedly the cavity culprit. However, candy, dessert, and soda aren’t the only suspects, as starches like bread and pasta stimulate the bacteria on teeth to produce enamel-attacking acids as well. The truth is, that no matter what your diet may look like, you can be prone to cavities for a variety of reasons.

 If you have a cavity, you will feel it

If tooth decay is advanced enough you are likely to feel general pain or a throbbing when eating something to sweet or extreme in temperature. BUT, if a cavity is in the early stages of formation you may not have any symptoms at all.
It makes it crucial to get regular check-ups and cleanings, even when you don’t feel any discomfort or sensitivity.

Baby teeth cavities don’t matter as they are temporary

Any enamel, especially in young children, is prone to decay. In kids, common reasons cavities form are due to drinking sugary beverages, being exposed to cavity-causing bacteria, or not getting enough fluoride. It’s vital to limit sugary drinks and snacks and instill healthy brushing and flossing habits early on, to protect babies’ teeth.

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