Alberta Dental Fee Guide 2023

The Alberta Dental Association & College (ADA&C) has presented a suggested dental fee guide for 2023. While it is not mandatory for dental institutions to follow these recommendations, Dr. Gaultier Family Dental has opted to follow this suggested dental fee structure.


Many dentists still continue setting their own charges for the dental services, we want to provide you with complete transparency and clarity about our service charges to make your decisions about your oral health care easier.

We have made this decision as we take pride in the high quality of dental care we offer our patients. This has also helped us in aligning with most of the insurance plans, making it more convenient for all our patients.

About Alberta Dental Fees Guide

The Alberta Dental Association & College published the first-ever dental fee guide with the Provisional Government in 20 years on January 01, 2018.

This includes the recommended charges for almost all of the dental treatments. The updated fee suggestions were 8.5% lower in comparison to the usual dental treatments’ rates in 2016.

The main aim of this guide was to enhance transparency and to rein in the dental treatment costs over time. This guide helps us in ensuring that we offer the best dental care you expect from us.

You can have a look at the dental guide by clicking on the image.

Do we follow this Dental Fee Guide for All Dental Procedures?

Yes! We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide for all our dental services, both:

  • Basic Treatments – root canals, fillings, exams, cleanings etc.
  • Major Treatments – dentures, bridges, crowns, implants etc.

We have ensured all the charges for the dental services we provide are aligned with this guide, and we have no intentions of changing this policy in the future as well. There are various dental clinics stating that they are complying with the fee recommendations, but in reality, are only following it for the basic treatments and not for the major treatments.

We would never mislead our patients and hence have revised the charges for both basic and major treatments as per the fee guide.

Note that we have resolved to continue following this guideline moving forward. This is certainly not a promotion or temporary charges.

Insurance Companies

Due to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide 2019, the insurance providers are likely to make changes in their policy as well and offer reduced benefit coverage. Before this fee guide was introduced, various insurance companies might have continued following a fee structure which was lower as compared to the current dental fee guide. The insurance companies make claim payments as per the rate percentage from their fee guide.

Future Updates

Once the new guides are released, Dr. Gaultier Family Dental will revise the fee structure for all services as per the updated fee suggestions.

Dental Fee Comparison Chart

To give you a better idea, here is a comparison chart to help you understand the fee structure better:

CodeDental TreatmentAlberta Dental Fee Guide 2019Our Dental Fee*
71101Tooth Removal (basic)$134.33$134.33
01103New Patient Examination$101.48$101.48
33121Root Canal Treatment$964.25$964.25
021444 Bitewing X-Rays$78.37$78.37
23322Molar Tooth White Filling$210.90$210.90
71211Tooth Removal$264.13$264.13
23112Front Tooth White Filling$163.40$163.40
111133 Units of Scaling$201.48$201.48
12101Fluoride Treatment$28.99$28.99

* Treatment fees in compliance with the latest 2018 Dental Fee Guide, certain treatments might be charged at a lower rate.

What About the Insurance Coverage?

All the dental insurance companies do not offer complete insurance coverage for the dental procedures and treatments that have been mentioned in the Alberta Dental Fee Guide. Our team will help you in determining which of the treatments or procedures you need are covered by your insurance providers by sending them a ‘Predetermination of Benefits’ request on your behalf.

Dental insurance is not insurance, as it is really a prepaid benefit plan and are a means to help patients pay for some of their dental treatment”.

– Alberta Dental Association & College

We motivate all of our patients with dental insurance to determine which dental treatments are covered on their insurance plan or give us a call to request sending a ‘Predetermination of Benefits’ request to their dental insurance providers to find out.

With the recently reduced cost of service fees we have updated, we have still maintained the same level of quality care we have always offered our patients.

Dr. Gaultier Family Dental proudly serves all Grande Prairie and area residents and ensures you and your family receive the best possible dental care we can provide.

Our team is ready to help you understand these charges and to help you in finding out which procedures are covered by your insurance provider. We make sure that our patients clearly understand all the procedures involved so you have better control over your overall dental care.

For More Details

If you want to have a look at the Alberta Dental Fee Guide, then click here to download a copy. See for yourself how we clearly follow this guide for all our dental treatments.

This updated dental fee will help you in planning your dental treatment more efficiently when you are already aware of the charges. This ensures that you are prepared in advance about the associated costs, which prevents any unexpected surprises and bumps in your budget.

We aim to make dental treatments and procedures more accessible and affordable for all patients by following the recommended dental fee guidelines.

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